Magna Screen Hands-Free Pass Through Screen Door

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Instantly Opens Magnets Snap Closed Behind You

  • Fits Standard Hingedand Patio Doors
  • Keeps Bugs Out - Lets Fresh Air In
  • Installs in Minutes - No tools required
  • Ideal for Pets
  • Great for home, Indoor & Outdoor, Patio Doors, RV's and more
  • Includes to 2 Magnetic Screen Panels 83 in. x 19.5 in. with 20 Built-In Magnets
  • Available motifs - Dot or Floral

Magna Screen hands free pass through screen door is perfect for the summer season. Instantly opens and closes behind you thanks to 20 built-in magnets. Fit standard hinged and patio doors. Great for home, indoor, outdoor, patio doors, RV’s and more. Keeps bugs out while letting fresh air in. Installs in a matter of minutes and doesn’t require tools. Ideal for pets.

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