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  • Remove hair from legs, underarms, forearms, upper lip, bikini line and more… 
  • No more electrolysis, waxing, plucking or laser hair removal
  • No more burns, cuts, irritation or pain in sensitive areas
  • Gentle, effective and pain-free!
  • All natural, no chemicals
  • Dual action: softly exfoliates at the same time
  • Helps to leave your skin feeling healthy and silky smooth
  • Set includes 5 large exfoliating pads, 5 small pads and a convenient storage pouch
  • Product #2041

The painless hair-removal & exfoliating system

Silky Smooth™ is an innovative hair removal treatment that is fast, easy and mess free! This amazing treatment exfoliates your skin as it removes unwanted hair and helps to leave your skin feeling healthy and silky smooth, gently, effectively and pain-free! Completely natural with no chemicals, it's safe and effective and suitable for any hair type and skin color. Avoid costly and painful waxing or messy shaving creams and nasty cuts. Silky Smooth™ makes your skin feel sexy and touchably soft for a fraction of the price.

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